6 AI Tools To Save Hundreds Of Hours In Dev Work in 2023

AI Tools To Save Hundreds Of Hours In Dev Work in 2023

We may think that ChatGPT is the main course but, for sure, it was just the appetizer on AI Tools

AI tools are the main course and it will help web developers with work hours and better pricing on search marketing, advertising and branding services too.

From advanced machine learning algorithms to sophisticated natural language processing models, these tools have demonstrated immense potential and promise.

Lovo – The most realistic text-to-speech generator in the world

Lovo has 1000s of voices and 100s of languages to choose from.

The wildest part? You’ll never tell it’s not human.

  • Find out more at: https://lovo.ai


Brandsnap – Describe your business, and Brandsnap will come up with the perfect name for it

It leverages AI to discover and factor in which domain names and social media usernames are available.

  • Find out more at: https://brandsnap.ai

Eightify – YouTube summaries powered by ChatGPT

Learn more in less time with the best AI summarization extension on Chrome.

  • Find out more at: https://eightify.app

Cohesive – Create amazing content with the most powerful AI editor

Cohesive gives you custom AI templates for almost every type of content out there:

  • Articles
  • Twitter threads
  • YouTube scripts
  • Instagram captions
  • Find out more at: https://cohesive.so

Gamma AI = ChatGPT meets presentations

Type in a prompt, then customize it with personalized feedback and Gamma can create:

  • Presentations
  • Slide decks
  • Websites
  • Find out more at: https://gamma.app


Adobe Firefly – Create and edit magical images with simple text prompts

Adobe just introduced Generative Fill — an AI tool powered by Firefly that makes Photoshop 100x more powerful.

  • Find out more at: https://firefly.adobe.com


In conclusion, the year 2023 has brought forth an exciting array of AI tools that have revolutionized various industries and sectors

Here, we highlighted some of the best AI tools to use in 2023:

  1. TensorFlow 2.0: Google’s powerful open-source library has continued to dominate the AI landscape, providing a comprehensive platform for developing and deploying machine learning models.
  2. PyTorch: This flexible deep learning framework has gained significant popularity due to its intuitive interface, dynamic computation graph, and strong community support.
  3. H2O.ai: With its automated machine learning platform, H2O.ai simplifies the model-building process by offering easy-to-use tools for data preparation, feature engineering, and model selection.
  4. Amazon SageMaker: As a fully-managed machine learning service, SageMaker enables developers to build, train, and deploy ML models at scale. Its integration with other AWS services makes it a valuable tool for cloud-based AI projects.
  5. Microsoft Azure Machine Learning: Azure’s comprehensive suite of AI tools provides a seamless environment for building, deploying, and managing machine learning models. Its integration with popular frameworks and libraries makes it a flexible choice for developers.
  6. OpenAI GPT-3: This powerful language model has revolutionized natural language processing tasks, showcasing impressive capabilities in text generation, translation, summarization, and more.
  7. IBM Watson: IBM Watson offers a wide range of AI tools and services, including image recognition, language understanding, and virtual assistants. Its industry-specific solutions have found applications in healthcare, finance, and other domains.
  8. NVIDIA CUDA: For deep learning enthusiasts, NVIDIA CUDA provides a parallel computing platform that harnesses the power of GPUs. It accelerates training and inference tasks, enabling faster and more efficient AI development.
  9. Tableau: This popular data visualization tool has incorporated AI capabilities, allowing users to create interactive visualizations and gain valuable insights from their data.
  10. RapidMiner: With its user-friendly interface and powerful data mining features, RapidMiner facilitates the building and deployment of AI models without extensive programming knowledge.

These AI tools have significantly contributed to the advancement of AI technology in 2023, empowering developers, data scientists, and businesses to leverage the power of artificial intelligence for solving complex problems and driving innovation.

As the field of AI continues to evolve, we can expect further advancements and breakthroughs in the coming years, making it an exciting time for AI enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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