PIXI Hub V1.2 Framework Fresh Install for WP Pack


UNLOCK Your Full WordPress Potential – Request Install PIXI HUB V1.2 for 12 months. Test how WordPress supercharged feels like.

If you want to go back to your boring default WordPress install after using PIXI, we will give you 6 months free membership to reconsider your options.



Unlock Your WordPress supercharged

Request Install PIXI HUB V1.2 for one YEAR and supercharge your WordPress today!

PIXI Hub V1.1 helped our team conduct less 60% digital hours spent in content curating & update & WordPress maintenance in 2020.

Bot traffic and spam traffic mitigation took less then 80% digital hours comparative with 2019 and we successfully prevent and block attacks and preserve our WP core integrity intact.

In 2021 niche marketing topics reached +300 local markets. Auto Schema + Open Graph helped our ads reach high valued organic requests in 2021.

What is Pixi Hub and how it can help in my WordPress Admin Experience?

We congratulate you for choosing WordPress CMS as your web core engine. While some designers are trained to use paid platforms as WIX, we at WebNomad have the core believe that you should be digitally independent and develop your own custom web based app.

WordPress is in 2022 for the web what Windows was for PC in 1994.

Is the NO.1 Open Source CMS and is powering 34% of all websites on the internet.

Over 420 million websites use WordPress CMS for publishing online content after proving to be a cross web platform were developers & creative meet.

With  thousand of configurations and custom plugins available it is hard to choose without testing the right configuration for your WordPress installation.

Poorly maintained the WordPress core lack of current updates, is in danger for hijack or bot attacks that can have your users at risk.

Hosting providers sometimes exaggerate  true capabilities your application can handle. When it comes to security and backup, you will find strange policies that prevent you take evasive actions.

Developed after a lot of effort and expertise, PIXI HUB is the dream admin interface for WordPress Managers, giving you complete control over your WordPress Installation and some nice new custom features.


Using PIXI HUB plugin you will have more time to do what you want and less stress on your WP installation, while running a WordPress Supercharged version, that performs better, is safer and much more faster than your classic WP Install.

  • Automate Updates
  • Automate Backups Restore
  • Clone Website
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • IP / Country / User Agent Banning
  • WP Web App / PAM Compatibility
  • WP Branded Admin / Emails
  • Google Schema
  • Open Graph
  • XML & News Sitemap
  • and more…

What will you get with the PIXI HUB 1.2 subscription?

PIXI HUB is a suite of advanced WordPress plugins for WordPress Supercharged. Access to the PIXI hub is established after the domain is installed on our hub by WebNomad.co

The whole process is automatic and needs no further update, all updates will be done automatically. Some updates will require your special consent to be carried out by our personnel. We will never require access to your (admin) credentials, your installation is safe with us!

GARGO WordPress Security Plugin – Unmatched WordPress Security Plugin

WordPress Security Plugin – Control over IP Banning, Country Visit, Agent Banning. Full WP Site scan for malicious code. Import security schema to any WP Site!

KENDRA WordPress SEO Plugin – Advanced WordPress SEO + Google Schema + Open Graph

WordPress SEO Plugin – Google Shema and Social Media Open Graph integration. Advanced on site canonical & links management. Google Compliant XML sitemap and news XML sitemap. Weekly SEO Reports with our SEM Campaigns Package.

FLUF WordPress CDN Plugin – Image + WP Code Compression + Webp Images + Content Delivery Network CDN

WordPress Speed Plugin – Ultra-cache web app compatibility plugin that compresses & delivers fast webp images + WP scripts from CDN to improve & better your site SEO performance. For SEO, speed is the answer. Your website / Web app needs to be a top performer in SEO Content Delivery. Mobile is the NO. 1 search market, that’s why our advanced plugin FLUF betters the performance for WordPress sites and is a tremendous help for your WORDPRESS SEO efforts.

BAMBO WordPress Backup Plugin – Snapshot Backup’s One Click Restoration One Click Site Migration

WordPress Backup Plugin – 10 GB of backup space, Ultra-fast backup restoration. Multiple backup locations setup, including Google Drive.

WordPress White Labeling + Email HTML Branding

WordPress White Label – One of a kind WordPress admin / branding. Your own branded WordPress supercharged installation with all the bells and whistles. Now you feel like a truly WordPress Admin!

Other PIXI HUB Admin Goodies …

Bag of Goodies for WordPress Admins –  Video Logo Reveal, Facebook Page Branding, Advanced SEO Audit, 3 KW SEM Campaign for 3 months and much more….